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Not So Understanding (Just Kidding ..)

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  • Not So Understanding (Just Kidding ..)

    “Understanding” is highly syllabic,
    well, four, if you must be exact.

    It’s also resistant to meter
    and its concept is rather abstract.

    Were I to choose the subject
    for poetic competition

    I’d have picked a subject
    requiring less cognition.

    My theme would be so simple
    and really, unpretentious,

    no discipline required,
    nothing conscientious.

    “Understanding” as thematic,
    is broad and subtle, both,

    complexities demanding
    sophisticated growth;

    I’ve not acquired such,
    I’m just a simple bard

    who’s struggled with your challenge;
    it’s left my psyche scarred!

    On Facebook and on Twitter,
    I’m sounding the alarm!

    My lawyers will soon contact you
    preventing further harm.

    Next time, Rhymezone techies,
    choose more carefully:

    Beware of insulting sensitive types,
    like Bill Shakespeare or ME!!

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    Very well constructed, composed, etc. Well done! This was sincerely enjoyed and appreciated.