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You are a Million Different Things

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  • You are a Million Different Things

    You are lies; you are lust
    You are memories in the dust
    You are the reason of the heartbreak
    You are a pain in the back, or a stomach ache

    You are happiness
    You are sadness
    You are fun and crazy
    You are lazy

    You are opinions
    You are the rulers of many minions
    People look up to you
    Enemies; you have more than few

    You are short you are tall
    People judge without knowing you at all
    You are cool; you are lame
    No opinion of you is quite the same

    Take a look inside
    You'll see no pride
    For you have a heart of gold
    And a story untold

    Selfless and caring
    Ideas you are sharing
    Some people look beyond
    But some are quite fond

    Memories don't always last
    Sometimes you will be put in the past
    Often a heartbreak you receive
    Yet only your wrongs remembered when you leave

    You are not perfect
    The whole world is pretty wrecked
    Yet your heart is one of few
    Clean and pure and simply you

    Their opinions don't matter
    To be happy you don't need flatter
    The smile on people's faces
    Give you joy, you don't care about races

    You are fooled so easy
    You fall for the sleazy
    Yet when you are hurt
    You get up and wipe off the dirt

    Don't let anyone get you wrong
    For inside and out your heart is strong
    Keep on shining and creating the spark
    Maybe then on the world you will leave your mark