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Ice that Burns

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  • Ice that Burns

    Fresh out of the freezer
    Cold and slow to disappear
    Ice is constantly beneath her

    Her heart is so cold
    The ice will never melt
    Her youth is frozen; she'll never be old

    A beauty to the eye
    A demon to the soul
    She seeks the words to make you cry

    Eventually ice turns to water
    But faster your heart turns to mush
    Her goal is to slaughter

    Words put behind you
    But she has far more ahead
    To her goal she is true

    She won't leave you alone
    Buzzing around like a bee
    She laughs as she sits on her ice cold throne

    Take a stand
    You're the only one who could defeat
    A finale that would be grand

    Your heart is a flame of fire
    Fire vs. ice
    A true battle for the hearts desire

    You have a heart that's right
    She has a heart so empty
    You are the only one who can win the fight

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    I liked the structure of triplets, the advice against the femme fatale may fall upon deaf ears...