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The Love of Lust

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  • The Love of Lust

    Love is love
    Someone you put no other above
    Yet you're fighting and she is crying
    Shes not speaking and you're always lying
    For love that is not
    A lesson you need to be taught
    The foundation of a relationship
    It is truth, never lies that slip
    A word is a word
    Yet the meaning can be blurred
    An arrangement that is so unholy
    How can you speak it so slowly
    For a girl who is so quick for trust
    Your love for her must be more the lust
    She falls so quickly
    How can you still coat your words so thickly
    You cause her a heart break of pain
    You play her emotions and put on her a strain
    You could heal so fast
    Yet your scars left on her forever last
    Love is suppose to be love
    Not lies to sell, or push to shove