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    She says that I don't love Her
    But I wouldn't be with her if I Didn't...
    She says I'm too Secretive ...
    But what good is it to put everybody in our Business?...smh;
    She says I need to speak up
    But why? When she doesn't seem to Listen?...
    She says I'm too Serious
    But gets upset when I say, "Bae, I'm just Kiddin'."...-
    Dang girl, what IS IT?!
    What do you want from Me? I don't have much to Offer
    Dropped my thuggish ways for you, I can't get any Softer;
    I don't even talk to none of these Hoes
    What does a rookie have in common with a Pro?-
    What does heat do when it comes in contact with the Snow?
    Stop complaining and be happy with the lifestyle you Chose;
    She says This
    & She says That
    Guess I'm not too bad because she keeps coming Back...