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    A child even unborn
    Is a moms love forever sworn
    Her job is to nurture and feed
    To comfort you when you fall and start to bleed
    From birth until you're eighty
    You will always be her baby
    Tears will stream down her face
    For it is time we all chase
    As we all age on
    She never stops watching and caring as your mom
    Whether you are happy or you fight
    Your mom will always be the bravest knight
    Training you for 18 years to be an adult
    Look at you now; she caused the result
    One day she may be old and sick
    I pray that by her side you'll be there quick
    Through happiness, sadness, sickness, and health
    She's been by your side, you are her greatest wealth
    She'd give you her blanket in 20 degree weather
    Even when you have a coat, and she only has a sweater
    Don't be mad when you don't get the freedom you desire
    She's just holding on, for her baby she doesn't want to retire
    When you get married
    She'll cry and think of the little baby she once carried
    She'll love you, even when you get on her nerves
    A thank you I think every mom deserves