When the leaves fall
Another heart breaks
Another person left to feel so small
When a leaf touches, the ground shakes
Making the tree less and less tall
But from each gone leaf, another bud awakes
And when the worst is believed to have befall
The trees healing is seen to be a piece of cake

But leaves never stop leaving
And a heart never stops being deceived
Eventually a person stops grieving
And they decide the pain is what fate has conceived
For in love they completely stop believing
Now a million pieces, a heartbreak can no longer be achieved

Now when someone good comes along
They'll be seen as a threat
To the the tree that use to be so strong
A million leaves gone, so the feeling had set
The heart had been broken for just too long
For the tree; love put the heart in debt
Each time trusting; it had been wrong

For now the tree has no hope
All the leaves were gone, and there were no more to come
A valid fear when a man came with a chainsaw and rope
The tree regrets ever being so dumb

The tree is a person
Left there barren and love stripped
The heart left to worsen
The chainsaw was the final error that slipped