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  • Medicine Creek

    When I sit near Medicine Creek,
    I can see you God, in everything around me.
    In the flowing of the clear water in the shallow parts,
    To the stillness of the deeper depths where the reflections of the trees
    Shiver and dance on the surface as fish jump nearby.
    Then the wind blows through the leaves, through me,
    Reminding me in a certain way, of You.
    The sunshine is not too bright in my eyes,
    It is like the light shining in on the shadows I can see around me
    Placed by the towering trees and thrown around by the cliffs above me.
    When I sit near the dam, the absolute stillness of the shored up water,
    Clashes with the water rushing over the rocks and out into the stream
    The creek goes around the big rocks, fills up the deep places,
    Waters the shallower parts and reflects everything around it.
    When I am here I understand that I am a little nothing in the universe,
    And that you are the Creator. I can see you in the veins of the leaves on a tree,
    the industriousness of the ant, and in the tears of a mother, the joy of a father
    at the birth of their child.
    I see all this in the natural world around me and it awakens the deeper parts of me,
    That ask the same question every heart has ever asked under the sun,
    Does God exist?
    I look to the smile of a child, the laugh of an old woman, the crack of thunder, and
    The rush of rain…….and I understand the answers can be found there.