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Not The Strongest Suit

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  • Not The Strongest Suit

    Understanding, understanding’s not
    the strongest suit of man.
    We’ve squabbled with each other
    since the early days of clan.
    Yet we’re clever innovators,
    one can’t deny we’re smart;
    (think of Aristotle, Newton, da Vinci
    or Descarte.)
    Scientifically, we’re brilliant,
    or in war machine production.
    If Hollywood and TV ads
    can con us with seduction,
    why is it that as species
    we’d be easily judged insane?
    Will aggression overrule us
    and ultimately reign?
    In the realm of real physics
    we are masters of invention,
    understanding of ourselves, though,
    needs to find a new dimension.
    Would be tragic if our character,
    inflexible and stiff,
    and our lack of understanding
    let us plummet off the cliff.

  • #2
    I really like the theme of your verse, serious, relevant, timely.