We all hold within us
A key

A key that allows us to hear the cries of those who are suffering
To see the tears of those in pain
To taste the pollution in our air
To fully understand

This key unlocks a door
withholding all of what we choose to ignore

We can go our whole lives in the dark
Choosing to disregard the doors around us
Pretending we don't have a key to unlock these doors

I know of the key
And I've seen what's beyond the door
I choose to pretend it's not there
To live contently without these melancholy thoughts

I will forget this key
Ignore the door
Live my life in this consuming darkness
That we all find comfort in
Keep the doors around me closed
'Tis easiest this way

Be oblivious to this key we all share
To these doors of what we choose not to see
To doors we keep locked away from understanding

Choose to hear the words that make you happy
See the world you want to see

Forget the key