Your heart is broken, and then broken over and over without time to repair,
There are things left unspoken, *emotions tossed in the air.
All which had you ever known, is pulled and pushed to a distance reach,
A wall is formed, a wall of stone, fate then answered with a lesson to teach.
A choice of either comfort or love? to do what's "right" or follow your heart,*
*You insubordinately chose your own paths; together or both apart.

A rather over ambitious dream, you pursue with endless passion.*
As *they say you are an equivocator and eventually a perpetrator.
You are stronger willed to redeem, *connection of comfort and love,*
it's more than it may seem, it's everything, deem, heme, a stream of gleam
Within our team, which needs to teem, and put together a reem, a gm, seam, neem, and element theme into a hyperbola and sphere..... Transform the tm into a bm, and have it be everything you want and need it to be.... Now and here.

Aug. 16, 2014