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the cellar door

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  • the cellar door

    Your heart is broken, and then broken over and over without time to repair,
    There are things left unspoken,  emotions tossed in the air.
    All which had you ever known, is pulled and pushed to a distance reach,
    A wall is formed, a wall of stone, fate then answered with a lesson to teach.
    A choice of either comfort or love? to do what's "right" or follow your heart, 
     You insubordinately chose your own paths; together or both apart.

    A rather over ambitious dream, you pursue with endless passion. 
    As  they say you are an equivocator and eventually a perpetrator.
    You are stronger willed to redeem,  connection of comfort and love, 
    it's more than it may seem, it's everything, deem, heme, a stream of gleam
    Within our team, which needs to teem, and put together a reem, a gm, seam, neem, and element theme into a hyperbola and sphere..... Transform the tm into a bm, and have it be everything you want and need it to be.... Now and here.

    Aug. 16, 2014