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    I'm going to say this so please focus understand and be realistic
    Because parents are letting their daughters fall into a world
    Where they will become another name another statistic.

    Since when do mother's stop caring what their children wear or what they say?
    How would you feel if you found your child dead and alone in the street one day?
    Daughters all on facebook showing off their temples.
    they should be in the book strengthening in their mental.

    Notice that these young ladies are feeling alone and searching for love and attention in all the wrong places.
    They don't understand that they're being fooled by friends, greed, men and phony faces.
    You parents need to wake up from this horrible dream you're living.
    Get down on your knees and ask God for his irresistible forgiving.

    You're losing your child to a world of anger, sex, drugs, and violence.
    So I guess from my understanding that I'm going to be the one to break this chain of silence.
    There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows her worth.
    But she's a lost soul who knows nothing
    And conceived with grief from tears others have brought forth.

    Parents look at your daughters and tell her she's beautiful, and has the ability to be anything she wants to be
    Rather it's a doctor or someone working in a cubicle.
    Understand that the love of a child starts at home
    So give it to them all now so their bodies and hearts won't need to roam.

    No child should have to live in this world alone
    Where people only remember the bad things and leave the good deeds unknown.
    So many broken homes in all of these communities
    But that doesn't mean our youth should fall short of the Worlds opportunities.

    So take a moment and try to understand what I'm asking you from deep in my heart
    Stand up and be a parent to your daughter so that she stands out different from another.
    Show her the world that so many have missed
    Give her the love that so many today love to diss.

    You don't want her to become another statistic, mistress, but a wife.
    But if you're not understanding this she'll become another statistic
    Weary of this broken home life.
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