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With No Mothers Love

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  • With No Mothers Love

    With No Mothers Love
    By: Kaylee Marie Mitchell
    Wanting to move forward yet falling two steps behind
    Wishing life had instructions, a button to rewind
    Life hasn't been easy..that too I did find.

    My mother doesn't love me, can't figure out why or even begin to cope
    Which could be the very reason why I turned to dope
    Not finding any answers and leaving very few options
    Not hanging on by hope..
    But by this chain, this noose and rope.

    I'd say I'm a leader but Crystal I did follow
    And not before long was I empty and hollow
    Leaving behind a path of destruction, anguish and sorrow.

    I scraped and I clawed
    Was troubled and flawed
    Trying to grasp the Iron Rod.

    With no mothers love the world was quite scary
    And the baggage I had was too hard to carry
    So I gave up and gave in to yet another sin
    Falling in the arms of the adversary.

    I should have said no, held firm where I stood
    I'd be better off then than I am now..
    I know I would.

    Life hasn't been bad but far from grand
    Was too far gone to understand
    For I know right from wrong like the back of my hand
    That THIS was not the life that GOD had planned.

    So I hope I'm not too late and we still have time
    to help you from making the mistakes that I rhyme
    For they are not yours...They are only mine.