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  • Deep Blue

    Of all time,
    Of all places,

    The miracle of presence within the perfect location
    We're taught so many things and gave our appreciation
    in the life cycle its how me move through the world
    We reach a point where our heads no longer swirled

    We know there's water.
    we know there's air
    we know there's land
    we know there's science
    We know there are great wonders.

    Beyond the surface,
    there are fish and plants and rocks
    and continental shelves
    and trenches and then the very bottom with darkness
    and scary fish and more than we can see

    Beyond what we breathe,
    there are gases all over
    Ozone, at least a little left,
    planes, rockets, rocks, birds, bats, flying squirrels
    bluer and darker and darker until we break and find stars
    and the moon
    and the galaxy and black holes and more than we can see

    Beyond the grass and dirt and concrete we stand or sit on,
    there are trees, and mountains and beaches,
    and cliffs and deserts and tunnels and islands
    and volcanoes and lava and rock and tectonic plates and
    layers of molten metal and the core and
    more than we can see

    Beyond the method and research we all learn early and forever more,
    there are elements and compounds and atoms and cells and,
    neurons and psychoanalysis and social institutions and
    more than we can see

    Just like learning how to form a hypothesis is more than just asking questions
    just like the sky has more than just the sun and the moon
    just like the ocean is more than water,
    There is so much more than we can see. But we still know and understand
    The world is more than just deep blue.