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Wealth and Money

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  • Wealth and Money

    Money builds the rich man’s tower,
    Establishes status and signifies power
    When you’re in a rich man’s world.

    Labor builds the poor man’s hut.
    Living off the cost of a nut
    And feeding a family with the same farm.

    The rich, they live above the clouds
    Forgetting exactly what their lifestyle shrouds;
    The wars fought to keep their pockets full.

    The poor, they live on solid ground,
    Using their voices but not making a sound
    Because no one above can hear them.

    When the rich wage war, it’s the poor that die
    As they fight for their lives and the right to try
    To climb the ladder called success.

    When a rich man dies, the world may mourn,
    And their name will taught to every child who’s born,
    But was his life really complete?

    Look into a poor man’s eyes
    During the final moments before he dies
    And you will see a man who knew how to live.

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    Hello, thanks for sharing this poet with us.