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Light in the Darkness

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  • Light in the Darkness

    There is light in every darkness;
    A seed to be cared for and grown.
    There is no darkness that can not be overcome,
    Unless you are left to care for it on your own.

    Together we can battle any darkness
    That would blacken our day.
    But to do this we need to stop
    And listen to what each other say.

    Not one person is the same,
    And that is the ultimate truth;
    A lesson that needs to be learned
    From the elderly to the youth.

    We may hear the same words
    But take away a different meaning;
    Without understanding,
    We leave society bleeding.

    Healing can begin
    With the simple use of words
    To avoid the dangers of silence
    Which are usually just absurd.

    Be honest, be open,
    Be shy, be afraid.
    Just don't be silent
    When blame is being laid.

    There are two sides to every story.
    Sometimes there are even more.
    Listen to all before rushing to judgement
    And the light in the darkness with surely endure.

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    Hi Spreadthought, great words in your poem , nice meaning! It might flow better if you took out a few words sometime less is better! I like it ! The kurlman


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      i love this so much