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  • Squares

    Do you know who you think you are?
    Are you who you think you are?
    Who are you?
    What are you?
    Are you just like everyone else?
    Do you ever think outside of the box?
    Or are you a square,
    trapped—in a parallel universe
    of squares and more squares?
    The light and the dark.

    A pattern of change
    seems to remain the same.
    Dark blue fades to Light blue,
    like the moon
    exposing itself on a cloudy night.
    As the air begins to cool
    a thick fog covers the field where we lay.

    Tranquility— I would like to say
    is peace
    as long you see from all dimensions.
    Take your problems,
    take your worries,
    take your biggest fears,
    and learn
    learn to space them out,
    to put them all behind you,
    to look at the big picture,
    the one where the grass is green,
    and the sun is out in the pale blue sky.

    You know— who you think you are.
    You are—who you think you are.
    You—are you.
    You—are different.
    You are not like the rest.
    Even as a square
    inside of a parallel universe of other squares alike,
    you will choose to be the diamond.
    Parallelism is not your style.
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    Like it!!!