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The Battle Is Lost - my hometown is el reno, ok

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  • The Battle Is Lost - my hometown is el reno, ok

    The Battle is lost,
    My mind is still drenched with thoughts of you and I
    And my dreams echo from time to time with your voice and touch.
    I wake up to a reality, a loneliness that I have learned to ignore.
    In this battle between my heart and mind, my mind has won.
    My heart aches nay yearns for you still…. But my mind knows, understands that
    Too many years have passed, the shadows of what we once were dance through
    My daydreams and haunt me…….killing me as surely and slowly as time or disease ever could.
    How do I undo the knot of misunderstanding between us?
    Is it wise? Is it safe?
    My mind’s wheels are whirring, louder than the whimpering of my poor heart.
    My mind has won,
    But my heart goes on fighting……….alone and valiantly.
    Even though my mind has won, my heart, so full of love for you, understands nothing of its defeat.
    She goes on fighting and hoping, waiting, and dying.
    My mind understands the battle is over, but I know that the real battle has only just begun…
    The mind understands what the heart cannot.