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  • Understanding Everything


    What are humans?
    Composed of inconceivably small particles
    Made up of invisible strings
    On the grand canvas of the universe

    We arose from imperfections
    Minute temperature fluctuations created our galaxy
    As though it was destiny
    Or so we think

    Small things make up bigger things
    That’s how everything begins
    We are not different
    We are not special

    We are all made up of the same elements
    Which came from the biggest stars in the universe
    Which makes you just like me
    In almost every way

    No signs of life detected yet
    But we’ve barely even scraped off the skin cells of the universe
    There probably is life elsewhere
    Probably lots of life

    Like a microscopic flaw on a priceless painting
    We think we are hard to come by (we’re not)
    We ponder what makes us different
    In the hopes of finding a meaning, a purpose

    What if we have no purpose?
    What then?
    Should we just give up?
    Do we wait to dissipate like everything else?

    What makes an educated man different than a little boy?
    Is he better because he has more intellect?
    Is one arrangement of particles any better than the other?
    Eventually we will all become dust anyway

    But what will happen to that dust?
    Will some of their particles get cast off into space? Sure
    Will they fuel a star and eventually become part of a violent supernova? Maybe
    But what about when it ends

    When it all ends
    When the universe cools to -273 degrees Celsius
    When there is no more energy
    When there are no people

    When there is no life
    No energy
    No dust
    No light

    There is hope
    What makes us special?
    We don’t have to be

    We live on earth
    Small on the grand scale
    It provides everything for us
    For now, we live alone

    We can be happy here
    We can make ourselves seem important
    We’ve already done it
    You can be “important” here

    Will we die?
    Its ok
    Just be happy

    Why be happy?

    Because what else is there to live for?