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  • In too deep...

    My heart in ruins, consumed by tears.

    Constant let downs, have led me here.

    A bit too familiar, I should let go.

    Decision made, no room to hope.

    Bright eyes faded, devastatingly grey.

    Move on, accept, you don't want to stay.

    Disguise what I feel, pointless to try.

    Excruciatingly painful, damaged, I cry.

    Losing you, simply ripped me apart.

    Vivid memories, clouding my heart.

    Only yours, from beginning to end.

    Inadvertently, it cost me, my friend.

    A barbwire wall, I built to protect.

    Noticed too late, I just didn't expect.

    His mysterious gaze, captivating intrigue.

    Charmingly dark, was a fool to believe.

    Unexplainable faith, so easy to trust.

    Igniting a spark, this flame between us.

    Leaving me breathless, hands are tied.

    Unable to run from this feeling inside.

    Alarmingly sudden, I'm in too deep.

    Unknowingly fallen, head over feet.

    Exhausted, I'm tired, it ends the same.

    Proving my love, by walking away.

    We didn't argue, neither one of us lied.

    Just didn't work, don't understand why.

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    I love this. Very nice.


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      Thank you

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    Your " song of sorrow" contained several literary elements and themes, good rhythm and rhyme...


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      Thank you