I know it for myself
still I wish for that one person who I can share it with
I think I speak for the many
unknown, underestimated
the alone, underrated
Who am I kidding?
I don't even understand myself
How could I possibly expect it of someone else?
But it's above magical
beyond my mind
to share intellection
you can say anything
but to look at me and know
the way I do
overthink me
I won't put myself out there
come to me
I'll be the calculus
You be the calculator
but no more will I give my all
Run to me, see through me
if you think this smile is real
you don't know me
too know me is paranormal
I am the ghost of me
with the soul, the chanceless soul
the soul that was never given a chance
but if you look at me and know
the way I do
then chances are I'm looking too.