In a time of hatred the world needs more acceptance.
The world should put down the weapons.
From the past it’s always said the world can learn many lessons.
They should not be ignored, but applied to the present.
My country is no exception.
We are too dependent on vengeance.
It causes me much depression.
However through my anxiety.
I can find piety.
I realize all parties lie behind a guise of propriety.
However I can’t decide which side of the battle lines is blasphemous.
While my words may be scandalous, I am not an antagonist.
I’m not cold as a Popsicle.
Obama helps many a man solve the issues at hand.
Food on the table for most needn't be an obstacle.
His efforts phenomenal.
However he becomes tyrannical.
His immigration reform problematical.
Overstepping congress is his tactical approach in the capital.
With less effort on things geographical.
With that I will bid you adieu, and end my musings on things philosophical.