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A Father to His Beloved Son

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  • A Father to His Beloved Son

    For countless days and endless nights,
    My heart hath long’d to find thee.
    Behold, before my war-torn eyes,
    Thou standest just beyond me.
    Thy sand-yellow hair, a fairer hue,
    Still glimmers in the dark sea
    Of stars and planets, hung above,
    In silence, still and lonely.
    Thy hands are striking visages
    Of those borne by maternity.
    Though one has wither’d, the other still
    Strikes power, light and easy.
    And o, of she who gave those hands
    To thee who stands before me!
    She was a seraphim of lore,
    Until my anger fiercely
    Destroyed that sacred vessel,
    In a stage of darkest moody.
    I did not hear her final breath,
    For Polis Massans drew thee.

    I hunted thee, my precious boy,
    Yet pain was on the inside.
    I may be more machine than man,
    But yea, my heart has not died.
    Thou’st come with anger in thy soul,
    A wampa in its full stride.
    Mercy, recount what drove me on
    To murder mine soft angel bride;
    Twas not the touch of Emperors,
    Nor Maul’s relentless pride,
    Twas knowing not the wisdom,
    Of how anger to subside.
    Make not the fall, the error,
    That your father in thee confides.
    Look out upon the rebellious sea,
    Escape the liars’ tides!
    I now command you, heir and son,
    Upon a path decide.
    Join he who sired thee, for now he pleads,
    “Come over to the dark side!”

    Foresee the galaxy, my child,
    Betwixt our firm control;
    The Force and Sith as one combined,
    The penultimate goal.
    Of seers and soothsay’rs, none reveal’d
    The universe in whole.
    For even he on Dagobah
    Holds everlasting soul.

    Should thee decline and turn away,
    The answer much affear’d,
    I’ll draw my sabre, red and white,
    A power so revered.
    Stricken, thou shalt strike again,
    Never to be jeered.
    Yet I shall fight until thy will
    To darkness volunteers.
    The way of life that I demolished,
    In my younger years,
    I see again before me,
    Jedi Master-pioneered.
    And so the way of noble ones,
    Outlasted, persevered
    Yet I stand on the other side,

    Perhaps, my son, I love you so,
    That darkness cannot hold me.
    Lo, he who guards hath sent his bolts,
    A pain of highest degree.
    So turn around and thus unleash,
    Over the rail to throw he
    Who casts his light onto myself,
    Let him to Hades flee
    I die, my son, within your arms,
    Aye, this I guarantee.
    Yet off with all my mask’d charades,
    My shattered face to see

    Remember me not as one who ended
    Lives I’d never seen,
    Remember me as a blameless boy,
    On barren Tatooine.

    Chris Rayis
    Columbus, Ohio