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Shut Doors

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  • Electron.John
    Great job with this poem. I love the image of this little kid unfazed by the some grumpy old man (it could be any grumpy adult but for some reason I imagine an old man) that does not pay him any attention. The ending leaves the reader with a sense of deep regret that the old man must have felt when the boy was no longer waiting for him. Regret at not having stopped and spend a few minutes talking to the kid every day. I was also wondering about the kids family life. He most not have gotten much attention from his parents if he was so willing to try to connect to this old man by default. Very powerful poem.

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  • EthanCLee
    started a topic Shut Doors

    Shut Doors

    The neighbors kid keeps trying to speak to me

    Eight years old
    Waits for me at the end of his driveway like a mailbox

    “Today I got this bracelet
    Jeanie said she would be my friend if I wore it”

    And the door shuts behind me and that’s my mail for the day

    He is there the next day
    Bracelet on wrist
    Magic marker on his hand that spells bff

    “Today Jeanie and I drew
    We ran out of paper though”

    And the door shuts behind me and that’s my mail for the day

    I don’t know why I remember his life more than I do my own

    Or why on my drive home
    Even over the radio songs I don’t listen to
    I think about my neighbors kid
    Updating me on his eight year old life ten seconds at a time

    When I was on vacation in Seattle last year he must have waited all night
    an unopened mailbox
    flag up
    ears up

    does he know the sound of my car

    today he wasn’t there waiting for me
    there was just a bracelet in my mailbox and a moving truck in the driveway

    and the door shuts behind me
    and the door shuts