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RhymeZone 2016 Poetry Prize

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  • RhymeZone 2016 Poetry Prize

    Hi folks!

    I'm pleased to announce that we'll be running the contest again next year. The theme of the 2016 contest will be announced on January 11, 2016, and the submission deadline will be April 12, 2016, the middle of National Poetry Month in the U.S.

    This channel is now closed to new topics although you can continue to read and comment on submissions from the 2014-2015 contest. A new channel for the 2016 contest will appear when the 2016 contest is announced.

    See you in January!

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    Originally posted by admin View Post
    April 12
    That's my birthday, hah... (Also when Game of Thrones come out)
    Well, what exactly is this Poetry Contest? I have, honestly, never heard of a poetry contest before. Is it a Forum thing or National?
    I'm new to this Forum and didn't know if I should PM this or not...


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      Dale, there will be a theme announced and then people will write and post poems that deal with that theme in the forum that will be created (likely it will be called "RhymeZone 2016 Poetry Contest"). There will be judges that will read the poems and pick a number of winners. I think there were ten last time. The winners last year got checks for $500. If you are interested I would suggest reading the winners from last time to get an idea of what gets the attention of the judges.


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        Check out this link for more info on the last contest, including a list of the winners.


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          It was great fun last year. Looking forward to reading more creative entries in the coming months!