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Your warmth is so cold

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  • Your warmth is so cold

    Now i'm not just wriring some lame rhmye, but do you remember that one time, where we came at the same time? That was more than just some play time and more historical than some gay crime, it made me think you were my perfect design, fine, even if it wasn't a sign, you didn't have to lie, to make it so hard for your goodbye, you were so dark with tears in your eye, even though i expecially came by, not only just to say hi, but to bring by your clothes and clarify your oaths.
    I thought there was still hope, you just stayed still and said nope, you played some sick joke, i prayed that you would stay stoked, one day your throat, will close and choke after you realize, that there are allot of guys with the same eyes, same size, but a different disguise, i'm not your regular bloke!
    So how bout you go bite on some soap, starting a fight, by prevoking me with insults, makes you look like a goat, like everything i've done for you is revoked!
    But i know you like your hair pulled and being choked, you must find it amusing that my pillow is soaked after i awoke, from a dream of you, giving him the same glare whilest being stroaked...

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    Awesome piece of art.

    Chuma from Kendale Lakes


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      Awesome piece of writing. It was lovely to read!
      Happy Wheels apk online.


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        So well written post. Had a great read. run 3 unblocked