I loved you before, and I know I'll love you again

and I could care less about those other men

The ones who came after will be the ones who came before

I blew my first chance...and now I ask for one more

I never did appreciate the love that we had

and I know I was the cause of why it all went bad

I didn't treat you like the queen you were meant to be

and now I know I've lost the better part of me

I miss the confidence, the way we were always so sure

that we would always be together...now I miss the way we were

I miss the things we didn't do, I miss the things that we did

and right about now, I'm straight missin' you, kid

I guess I was jealous, immature, maybe my own self-esteem

allowed me to make a nightmare of what once was my dream

and now it seems only in my dreams will I ever hold your hand

but if you ever read this rhyme, I hope you try and understand

I prayed to God to do the best thing that's meant to be

so now I'll wait for the day that you come back to me

and until that day, with all my heart I'll pray

that when I see you face to face, you'll believe these words I say...

I'm sorry

You loved me before, but then your love went away

and at the time, I was young and didn't know what to say

I gave you all of me...heart, mind, body and soul

but it wasn't good enough because time took its toll

We were a part of something beautiful, young love so free

but it hurts to remember when you walked out on me

I loved you so much, boy...everything about you

and after you were gone I thought I couldn't live without you

You said you'd never hurt me, that you'd never make me cry

and I tried to hide the tears on the day you said goodbye

You didn't want me anymore, and that's a terrible feeling

and ever since then I've had a heart in healing

It's not about other men, and it never was

The reason I don't answer your call...is just because

because I never again want to feel that way

I've come too far to relive that day

I prayed the same prayer...the best that's meant to be

and God has answered our prayer, you just don't want to see

so if you read these words, know there's a reason we're apart

I can't have you in my life, but you're forever in my heart...

I'm sorry