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  • Flatlined

    Nights roll into days, and days roll into nights

    My mind, it sometimes strays when I turn out the lights

    A crazy purple haze slowly sparks and ignites

    Midnight dreams ablaze as the lowly serpent bites...

    As the church bells rang, a single fang tears my skin

    The noise of the the poison brings a rush from within

    The venom flows deep as I weep of what I've done

    A black sheep sleeping becomes a wolf he can't outrun

    Jekyll and Hyde, but I can't hide from me

    I no longer want to be who I wanted to be

    The serpent haunted me and hunted me and dragged me away

    My heroin becomes my heroine as she gets me through the day

    Morphine morphing into a seamless transition

    of a room within a room within a room with a mortician

    A tomb within a tomb, as I lay lifeless on a gurney

    Born to cry, born to die, as I ride my final journey

    Forgive me, everybody, for the hurt I put you through

    Faces blend together of the names I never knew

    Flatlined, rewind...lost my heart and lost my mind

    until I finally found the Light I was dying to find...

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    Wow! Over a year old and this got "lost in the sea of statuses"
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      I loved it!
      Check my site to learn more about me.
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