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  • My Trusty Hairband

    I know it's not perfect and the meter is a little off in some places, but here is a fun little poem I composed the other day.
    Enjoy it
    When I wake up in the morning
    and my hair will just not tame
    When it flies about my head
    Like a wild lion’s mane
    When I comb and tug and wrestle
    But it still looks the same
    I use my trusty hairband
    When the curls stand two feet tall
    So I look and feel insane
    And I push it and I prod it
    And I stare with much disdain
    When no matter what I do
    It’s an awful dreadful pain
    I use my trusty hairband
    When I spend hours trying
    but my hair I can’t maintain
    When it will not cooperate
    and becomes my dreaded bane
    When it frizzes, curls and bounces
    Playing some demented game
    I use my trusty hairband
    When someone compliments me
    On the way my hair is worn
    I just laugh and say
    Shoulda seen it in the morn
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    That was cute and fun to read! Thanks for sharing 😊


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      Very nice! I liked it a lot. Very fun to read. Would like to see it as a book with pictures. That would be cool.


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        Ha! Well written, kid. Smiled all the way through. No doubt.


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          Fun and well written.