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a final embrace

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  • a final embrace

    I stayed awake all night just counting the hours
    before waking you up to hugs, kisses, and flowers
    for ours was a day filled with much joy and laughter
    from the fancy-Nancy brunch, to the church service after
    and for the rest of the day I never had a doubt
    that the snow would melt away and the sun would come out
    and shine it did, showing the sparkle in your eyes
    Now I truly realize you're an angel in disguise
    These skies of blue always remind me of you
    A picture-perfect backdrop to a beauty so true
    The zoo was a zoo and the crowd was insane
    but like so many times before, I never heard you complain
    and the rain from the week brought out such vibrant hues
    and created at the gardens such magnificent views
    The roses truly rose to the fame of their name
    yet to your glory and splendor, they bowed down in shame
    for you stood out like a truly brilliant shining star
    The most beautiful of beauties, no matter where you are
    and like the star that you are...twinkling oh, so bright
    I had to have you home as it started getting night
    so after having dinner at your favorite place
    I held my arms open for a final embrace
    I catch a trace of your I hug through a vapor
    You didn't go away, mom...we had an amazing day, mom...even if only on paper...

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    Very nice, love the pattern and structure. Great job.


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      I enjoyed this, good job man
      If you have time tell me what you think of my first post


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        Right on! Thanks, guys. I wish I never had to write that one, yo. No doubt. I will definitely check out your post, Justice. Peace