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I am the thief

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  • I am the thief

    I stretched my arms wide and cried a single plea

    "When you come into your kingdom, Jesus, remember me..."

    and the Lord reminded me he already paid my price

    "Child, your day will come, when we walk in paradise..."

    I am the rebel, I am the thief

    I am but a moment in a life so brief

    I am the silence shattered by a scream

    A mile high and falling in the middle of a dream

    I am the future generated by my past

    and today will last forever if that's how long I make it last

    I am destruction, I need no instruction

    A legend in my own mind and I need no introduction

    I am a product of a world gone mad

    and the misery within me is the pain I've always had

    I'm constantly reminded, time and time again

    that I get lost to the world when I walk amongst men

    for we are the bandits, the racketeers

    We're the thieves in the night as the light disappears

    I am corrupted by societal ways

    one way or another, for the rest of my days

    I bring the pleasure and I bring the pain

    and the pain of the pleasure is what drives me insane

    Or is it the pleasure of the pain...either way I'm lost

    to self-gratification at any cost

    I'm a self-inflicted victim to every worldly addiction

    yet I am precious...I am beautiful...I am saved by crucifixion...

    I am a dead man walking through time and space

    swerving, undeserving, yet offered such grace

    It is the truest of truths, my heart's greatest belief

    Jesus Christ loves me, even though I am the thief...

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        Great poetry. I love all of the use of juxtaposition throughout the poem (silence-scream, future-past, pleasure-pain, etc.) For me it emphasized the awesome beauty of God's grace and our undeservingness.


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          Right on. We are loved, yo. No doubt.