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The Four Towers

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  • The Four Towers

    From the earth to the sky, I fly high on borrowed hours
    Illuminating showers of light...the Four Towers
    Lighting up the shadows of night where darkness hides
    Four towers...four walls...defending all four sides...

    The first tower is the greatest as it rises high above
    Cherry blossom trees, my private geisha offers love from within...where you and I are alive... begins to thrive...five, seven, five...

    Haiku echoes silently from the heart of the young
    I'm still a rhyme unwritten...I'm still a song unsung
    but I am loved by the fire of the midnight sun
    Above all else, I must guard Tower One...

    The second tower stands reminding me of things seen and things unseen
    Some of these things are beautiful...some sad, and some obscene
    In between division is a vision of today
    It matters not the wars I've fought, all that matters is the grey

    The grey sometimes turns blue when I close my eyes tight
    Tomorrow can't come soon enough, to end this dismal night
    The fight I fight is with myself...yet to this, I am blind
    Sometimes Tower Two, I find...can be oh, so unkind...

    Alone in the third tower, I find myself locked away
    Chains and bars and wounds and scars...I blame my yesterday
    I blame it, but can't change it...regret is but a lie
    Blurry rainbow lights...a final teardrop says goodbye

    Imprisoned, I am a prism, in which the Light is shining through
    Running toward tomorrow, for tomorrow's promised new
    I can run away, but I cannot run away from me
    so until forever comes, I'll not be free from Tower Three...

    I stand before the shores of tower number four
    Teeth gnashing, steel slashing...I am witnessing a war
    Wave after wave of armies of the dark
    I feel the demons bite...I hear the devil dogs bark

    The growling and the howling, it seems to never cease
    The multitude of angels try and put the tower at peace
    Each side wants this tower to be theirs forevermore
    The battle rages on...the battle for Tower Four...

    Lord, I hear you as you whisper...I am not on my own
    so please defend these towers...I cannot do it all alone
    The towers that I speak of, I put in your control
    The Four Towers of Myself...heart, mind, body and soul...

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    I read this probably 4, 5 times to make sure I comprehended the message in this poem. The heart, mind, body and soul that this poem came from is a beautiful place. Great, great job Rhyma!!!!!!


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      Right on. There is always a message in my rhymes! Sometimes, though, I'm not sure what it is until days later... One time the message was to pick my friend up at the Greyhound station. Poor guy waited two days.


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        This is a poem that is so rich it requires a second read (or more).


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          Thanks, brotha. I truly appreciate it. I tried commenting on your "Bullets" poem, but my phone is jackin' up, yo. That is an amazing piece of writing. No doubt.


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              interesting ok


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                This is one of the best pieces I have read here. Great job!
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                  Thanks for sharing. It's really deep.
                  Andrew from