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  • Unconditional love

    The truth never changes, it always stays true
    If I didn't love myself, how was I supposed to love you...

    I'm should have left me from the start
    If I wasn't gonna love you I shouldn't have stepped into your heart
    If I'd have known back then what I now know
    I wouldn't have asked you to hold on to someone you should have let go
    I didn't deserve you and I knew it and I know you knew it, too
    and as I sit and reminisce of all the things we've been through
    I often ask myself why you keep hanging on
    and it wouldn't surprise me if in the morning I woke up and you were gone
    That's about what I expected after all these years
    and all the hurt that I caused you...the pain and the tears
    I'd understand if you left me, never to return
    I lit the fire to the pyre as I watched my life burn
    Ashes to ashes...that's what they say
    I told you that I loved you, then I turned and walked away
    Actions speak louder than words, or so I've heard
    and the tears from my betrayal must have made your heart's vision blurred
    because when I turned to look back those tears were streaming down your face
    and you just held your arms out for yet another embrace
    "I love you, Michael"...those words echo in my mind
    and I can't comprehend why you don't leave it all behind
    How many more times are you gonna let me do you wrong
    before you leave me all alone living my sad, sad song
    because if it were possible, if I could somehow make it so
    I would have left me a long time ago
    but when I wonder why you wait when there's gotta be somebody better
    I go home, alone, and I read your love letter
    Page after page...line after line...
    you explain all the reasons why your love is all mine
    From the beginning to the end of why you'll never let me go...
    I know you love me, Jesus, for the Bible tells me so

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    Amazing, rhyma. 'Ats off ta youse.


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      Right on, kid. Happy Easter!!!


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        You, too, Rhyma!!


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          This is so good.


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            And you are so kind.


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              So awesome!

              Unconditional love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves.
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