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WE WILL NOT WAIT- Inspired by

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  • WE WILL NOT WAIT- Inspired by

    Shallow minds heed no warning-
    They gather where the flies start swarming.
    Under the bridge of mortification-
    Backwoods calling, segregation.
    Criticize, lie, torture our mind -
    You refuse to see, we are no longer blind.
    How much more do we have to take,
    Before people realize our spirits won't break?
    Insanity dwells in the healthiest of minds-
    God will help us get free from these binds
    You say the timing wasn't right-
    We won't be hypocrites,
    We will not fight!
    I pray for God to give back your sight,
    And for our brothers,
    Dressed in all white…
    They procrastinate, control our fate-
    It's way too late, we will not wait!
    Silence, please open your ears-
    We can not succumb to our fears.
    Ridicule, judge, harness control-
    That's no way to mend, a jaded soul.
    Now the memories of blood and tears-
    For all those years, bring new fears.
    Infected by broken promises again-
    Don't want to go back,
    To where we've been.
    Like a broken stream-
    We will Never surrender ,
    We all have a dream.
    We can't afford to take that ride…
    It's too cold inside,
    When freedom's denied.

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    Inspired by 'The Letters From Birmingham Jail", by Martin L. King, Jr.