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A fill-in-the-blanks love letter

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  • A fill-in-the-blanks love letter

    Dear ______,

    It's been _____ months since you've called my name

    and the moment you did was the moment I came

    but just like all the other times before

    you call me when you need me, then you don't call me anymore

    When you broke up with _____ and your heart was broken

    from your trembling lips my name was spoken

    I tried to show you life wasn't over, rather a brand new start

    People will always fail you, but I am your heart

    When you lost your job at _____ and fell into despair

    You asked for my help, and again I was there

    I tried to show you that money is not worthy of praise

    Be special, and shine, and be rich in other ways

    When _____ died and you were angry with me

    I tried to show you no one's gone, everyone is set free

    I have a special plan for everyone that I take

    as well as for those left behind, and I never make a mistake

    When you were hooked on _____ and felt there was no way out

    shaking and aching, you had absolutely no doubt

    that I was the one to get you back in control

    You let me save your life, now let me save your soul

    When you had problems with ______, and _____, and you cried out loud

    When _____ and _____ hurt you, all of this I allowed

    because you always call on my love when you feel under attack

    and the only thing I ask is that you love me back



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    Applauds for you Ryhma and Laud for Jesus.


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      Great poem, Rhymax2.


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        What an awesome thing we all got goin on!


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          Right on! I am now eating my way through the afternoon due to Del Boy's poem. nam nam nam nam...


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            Ha, ha you guys.
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              That's was awesome! It is a made for you poem just add on what's needed! It was powerful even if you don't add in the blanks! Well done!


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                Back to the gym tomorrow Rhyma.


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                  That was beautiful.