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The World Would Be a Better Place If…

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  • The World Would Be a Better Place If…

    The World Would Be a Better Place If…

    Money isn’t such a hassle
    Everyone has his or her place
    No one is ostracized, no one is wounded
    Everyone is accepted for who they are

    Originality exists within its boundaries
    No one is crushed, no one is beaten
    None will be left behind, hands will be held
    A sense of togetherness and unity is molded
    Everyone is for all, all is for everyone

    The shadows of the world are no more
    The horrid darkness of judgment is long gone
    Deep, deep within the Earth’s crust
    Exists all hatred and jealousy
    Old traditions are kept in heart
    Love is freely given out

    The light of elation never goes out
    Stress and sadness are unknown
    Everything remains where it belongs
    Nothing’s ever lost, nothing perishes in entirety
    The value of each entity is held close

    Everything has appreciated splendor
    Nature’s tranquility and scenery is relished
    Fragile wings will flutter, crystal water will fall
    Dew drops will appear, buzzing will be heard
    Heaven will pour out onto earth through images
    The radiant rays of sunlight shines upon all

    At the late hours of night, the wolves howl away
    The owls and bats are awake and alert, watching
    Carefully sculpted silhouettes replace forbidding ones
    Supernatural beings find what they sought
    The nights aren’t just nights, it’s the day of the nocturnal

    Explanation: The theme of this poem is focused on the changes in the world that would exist if the world was a better place, or what needs to happen in order for the world to be a better place. The simplistic theme is displayed by fantasy-filled imagery, where everything is said to be “perfect and peaceful.” The poem begins with the material focus of the world, then switches to the people and the mentality of togetherness. The poem then switches back to the world, but to nature, and ends with the aspect of night. The nocturnal part of the poem brings together the idea of the cycle of life, the ending with the night signifies that the poem is coming to an end, just like the way that people wind down after a day to go to sleep.