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  • Boots

    These dusty boots on feet propped up
    Kind of show the wear
    With stains and dirt and leather torn
    In need of some repair

    But if they could speak of places
    And all that they have done
    Ground they’ve trod with muddy laces
    It’d be some tale they spun

    They’ve worked in many states
    And every sort of weather
    and really were a handsome pair
    Amazing how they stayed together

    Comforting with wrinkled tongues
    Worn sole to share the ride
    A testament cracked and aged by sun
    Our tanned and leathered hides

    I can’t help but admire them
    Propped up on this chair
    With respect to where we’ve been dear sir
    How dare? To need another pair.

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    Nice, those boots were made for walking and that's just what they'll do! Sorry couldn't resist. Good job Divot, I really enjoyed that.


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      I wrote this about twenty years ago, In response to a comment on my boots. I think I still have them, somewhere. I've been transferring a lot of my poems that were in note books to computer disk. I felt I'd share a few. I appreciate your comments, I'm a rank amateur still after three thousand plus but I think I'm better then when I started. Thank you for your time.


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        I think you are a good writer! I love your poems.


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          Great poem, Divot! Yeah, Rach79, that was pretty funny and true.
          Amateur? Please don't tell me you ranked YOURSELF, Divot. So untrue.


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            Definetly, @divot.
            You're poems are amazing to the eye.
            Good one, Jiynx.


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              Hey divot, what I like about you, besides your amazing poems, is your approachable and unassuming personality. .Rank Schmank, your a great poet Dawg!