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  • the writing's on the wall...

    Standing in a hall, on the wall hangs a plaque
    Mouthing every word until the words speak back...

    The musings of a man as he stands upon a ledge
    Allegedly a member of the resistance...on the edge
    "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." as the flag waves in the distance
    reminding him not to bow to society's insistence
    His existence is essential to the One who brought him here
    "of the United States of America..." as peer pressure breeds fear
    but his peers, it appears, are objectively suspect
    The Department of Political Corrections says keep it politically correct
    "and to the Republic for which it stands..."
    and a tear falls from his eye as he finally understands
    He holds adoration toward his nation, he can think of none greater
    yet he has to choose...patriotism...or his Creator
    Deemed a traitor by some, a liberator by others
    Redeemed by the calling and the falling of his brothers
    Society's a liar, bring on the firing squad
    His head held high..."One nation...under God..."

    "indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"
    We're already divided...the writing's on the wall...

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    Great meaning, Great words, I have two comments, shorten lines would make your poem easier to read, it would flow better, or write your poem in verse ! I loved your content, The kurlman


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      Right on. I know the flow, so that's pretty much that. I write the way I write, brotha, and to change the way I write would be like changing myself for someone else. Which I wouldn't do.


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        If that's the way you write, then I 'm happy for you, I DO LIKE YOUR WORDS! The kurlman