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You are where I've placed you

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  • You are where I've placed you

    Death is calling like the falling of the snow
    Life is stalling, crawling as I go...

    "Lord, pick me up and hear my cry
    and wake me up before I die
    Help me spread my wings and fly
    before I say my last goodbye"

    "The world, the world, the world is out to get me
    and it's been trying to kill me since the day it first met me
    I can rise above with love, if only you'll let me
    You promised that you'd hold me and you'd never forget me"

    "So please set me free from these shackles and chains
    and ease these tears that fall like the rains
    Deliver me from life's pleasures and pains
    and let your all...that remains..."

    "I tried to set the world on fire
    but lit the match to my own pyre
    Preaching, teaching...then reaching for desire
    God, tell me that the world's a liar"

    "Tell me that the time is near
    Say you'll bring me far from here
    Give words of courage in times of fear"
    and then Christ whispered in my ear...

    "Breathe, my child...look around for a minute
    You are where I've placed you, though the world will try and spin it
    You can't finish the race before you even begin it
    If you can't change the world, then change yours...and those living in it..."

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    You have GREAT WORDS and MEANING in your poems, with structure they would be SUPER! The kurlman


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        I reread your poem, content is five star, it is LOVELY! The kurlman


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          What a beautifuly expressed message! Great job!


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            Thank you, Miss Rach. I appreciate it. No doubt.


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              Wicked poem, Rhymax2! You 'de boss at feelings and God-related 'tings.