Relentlessly pursued in the middle of the night
and no matter where I turned, I couldn't outrun the light
I ran left and ran right but I was running out of breath
Running out of time...running out of death...

Seemingly dreaming, I just kept on running
but the man that was chasing me was stunningly cunning
I found a dark place and I tried to hide
but I was quickly betrayed by the devil inside
so I unlocked the door...bolted as fast as I could
and the reason I was running I never quite understood
and the man that was chasing me, it seemed like he knew me
because when I tried hiding inside a bottle, he just saw right through me
so I tried to hide inside a pipe...but it, too, a house of glass
and as I started throwing rocks I would watch my future pass
My heart was heavy and my lungs were heaving
and the life that I'd been living I believed I would be leaving
because time was definitely not on my side
and the times I didn't die were the times that I died
and the words I didn't say were the words I should've said
because a person can be alive and at the same time dead
for there's a difference between being alive and truly living
but this world can at times be cold and unforgiving
I had fallen into a void that I had tried to avoid
and it left my life empty...barren...destroyed
and it seemed like I was running for years upon years
and from the ocean of my soul I tasted saltwater tears
and they were streaming down my face and I couldn't erase the chase
so I stopped...turned around...and was embraced by grace
It was my Savior who was chasing me all this time
and before I was born, he knew I'd write this rhyme
and he knew each and every trap that I would find myself in
for when I was born into the world...I was born into sin
and when the fruit that I had eaten finally turned my heart black
God never gave up because he knew I'd be back
Though I'm still tainted and broken, the Lord has is so
A mile high and rising with a hundred miles to go...

Being married to the world means being buried beside my wife
Wary of the cemetery, I'm now running for my life
When I asked Jesus why he did it...why he brought me through the flame
he said "Upon the palms of my hands...I have written your name..."