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  • Do you understand?

    They asked me if I understood poetry,
    I replied with "Do you understand me?",
    Because I, myself do understand the concept,
    Seeing how my poetry tends to move souls like the slowest of seas,
    Knowing it comes from my heart,
    A vital object that beats to the rhythm of the tides that crash at the base of your feet,
    This place,
    This place we call paradise,
    A relaxing, captivating and mesmerizing dream,
    But yet a simple beach,
    That no land could ever replace,
    And though it may seem like it's all just a scheme,
    The heart wants what the heart wants,
    And the mind is too sharp to embrace the grasp of reality,
    But how do we know what is real and what is fake?,
    Is this breeze forcefully applying itself to my face?,
    As I sail through the dimensions of what is only the body of a lake,
    the poetry I make, is only a mirage,
    But also an oasis for those worthy enough to understand it's cause,
    Do you understand?,
    Are you worthy?,
    Or are you just going to roll the dice and bet on the odds.
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    Matt, this is very good but could really use some formatting. If you had line breaks they were lost when you posted it (for some random computer reason). I highly recommend editing your poem above and adding the line breaks where you want them to be. It will help a whole lot in the flow and readability of this piece (and maybe your chances of winning). I only say this because I think this is an otherwise very good poem and perfectly on target for the contest topic. Good job.


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      Yeah, I ended up doing it on my cell phone. Fixing it right away! Thanks for the heads up and I appreciate the positive feedback.


      • Tamara0817
        Tamara0817 commented
        Editing a comment
        I love your poem and very enjoyable to read, thanks for sharing!