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I heard my missing laughter

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  • I heard my missing laughter

    Dreaming of a little piece of peace, I see the beast
    Screaming at the demons quick release, I hear a priest...

    Last rites read as I'm crumpled on the floor
    and I cease to heart beats no more
    Cease & desist, I couldn't resist temptation
    Body deceased...there is no resuscitation
    From far behind my mind I find a final breath
    breathing out my soul, which will never taste death
    Who am I...that when I die...
    I should cause my soul to cry
    yet cry it did...such a surreal affair
    as a teardrop stopped right there in mid-air
    In my dream I saw my tear spinning 'round and 'round
    and from deep within my tear I hear a beautiful sound
    It's not the sound of the sadness that I had hoped to forget
    It's a memory of a tomorrow that hasn't happened yet
    I heard my mother's voice...I heard my missing laughter
    I listened as my past became my happily-ever-after
    and in my tear I hear my dad
    making up for times not had
    The joy within my tear was growing bigger and stronger
    and I wish I could've listened to my tear a little longer
    but as I awoke from my dream, my tear eternally turning
    I knew each tear cried is a lesson worth learning...

    So fuck the beast and the pain inside of me
    Love will set my teardrops free...
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