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  • Constantina

    Thoughts of Constantina constantly flowing through my head
    The lonely ballerina dancing dances of the dead
    Hush, child...I'm on my way...let the streets run red
    for fools rush in where fallen angels tread...

    A comedy of tragedies that's magically delicious
    becomes a fallacy philosophy that's tragically malicious
    Wishes and wants and desires come true
    as the liars and fires dance whimsically through
    and a new kind of feeling of falling in love
    is revealing, reviling, all that I've dreamed of
    Precious dove from above you are now so far below
    and I said I would follow wherever you go
    for your heart is a part of this fairytale dream
    but the dark is the part where a man starts to scream
    It seems like I fell for you before I was born
    and I love you to death, so much so that I mourn
    On the morning I found you surrounded by lights
    with the hues of the blues and the reds and the whites
    as the water rushed over and onto the floor
    I knew that my siren would be singing no more
    So beautifully at peace beneath your razor blade bath
    with the glass half empty of the grapes of wrath
    Your final fatal song left me longing for your touch
    and though I'll see you soon, I miss you so, so much
    The way you used to twirl around the room, beneath the moon
    dancing to the sound of an imaginary tune
    And all too beloved was gone
    A king without his queen becomes a lost and lonely pawn
    Upon the shoulders of six toward six-feet of peace
    rides my black-veiled bride...will my tears ever cease
    I release a piece of me as the red balloon soars
    and in the ocean of my soul, my love is scattered along the shores
    Tattered is the heart that still beats your name
    and as I climb the stairs in pairs I know I'll never be the same
    You came into my life, and I will come to you in death
    and as I step off of the rooftop, know I love you more than breath
    You see, you take my breath are all I'm thinking of
    as I'm falling, falling, falling in love...

    Constantina...hear my tears as I'm flying...crying blind
    knowing another lover like you I'll never find
    The darkness of our souls shall be forever intertwined
    for when I hit the ground, I will have mind...
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    Was that your wife? If so, I'm sorry for her... death. Such a wonderful poem.


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      Nuh-uh. I saw a picture of a woman that seemed really sad, so this is what I got out of it. Love never ends, yo. Thank you, by the way.


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        No way? What picture was it? Welcome.


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          Just a picture someone put up on fb. It seemed like a really old photo. She looked so, so sad.


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            Ah, of course. You make sense of it.


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              Meant to be constructive. I like parts of what you're doing, and everything does flow. I think if you inserted some pauses -- via punctuation or spacing -- it would flow as well, but allow you selectively focus attention. A caesura in music fills the same function.



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                Rhyma, for you to feel and write with such emotion and imagery, tells me you may have had a past life with this woman. If this sounds weird that's ok, but I'm convinced! For this amount of emotion to come from a picture is mind boggling.


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                  A past life, or maybe she's in my future. Whaaaaat?! Thanks. I write so much of my own pain and rain, sometimes I just write what I feel others may have gone through. No doubt.


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                    Mind. Blown.