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  • one devoted little girl

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep
    If I should die before I wake
    I pray the Lord my soul to take...
    A war broke out and it starts tomorrow
    In the balance hangs a world filled with pain and sorrow
    Demons stand with pikes in hand
    prepared to overtake the promised land
    Darkness sweeping...everywhere
    Death's grim stench billows in the air
    as armies pour from underground
    turning all that can be found
    Long ago this was foretold
    Children screaming...young and old
    for on the day that is today
    the children turned and walked away
    In God no longer did they trust
    Ashes to ashes...dust to dust
    It hurt God's heart being so far apart
    but he knew this is how the war would start
    The art of prayer was dead and gone
    No more now will new days dawn
    He is their Father, their Shepherd...and he loves them all still
    but they brought death upon themselves with two words; free will
    The free will of the children had turned to free rein
    and the devil truly reveled deep inside their own pain
    Satan knew this night was coming soon
    and he had his demons ready by the blood-red moon
    and just past midnight, societal time
    and by the time I end this maniacal rhyme
    with my head on my pillow, safely tucked into bed
    I know when I awake, I will wake up dead
    for demons are vicious...their attack swift and strong
    and they've been howling for this moment for so very long
    Anticipation and excitement run through them all
    as one by one, the sheep...they fall
    and just as the fallen start rising all around
    they're stopped dead in their tracks by a lifesaving sound...

    The world is safe...for now, at least
    from the carnage and the chaos and the laughter of the beast
    by one devoted little girl...the last obedient sheep
    as she whispers "Now I lay me down to sleep..."

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    Oh my goodness... so many feelings in one poem. They're all synonyms, those feelings; yet they have slight nuances. Amazing. I'd give you many likes if possible.

    (Believe me, I've never wrote this much about one poem)


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      Aren't you an angel. Thank you very much, kid. I truly appreciate it. Word.


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        Aw, shucks. :P