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  • Mountain Man

    Down from the mountain in time he came,
    With timeless visions in his brain
    From silent fog on mountain lake
    To lush green valleys where elf partake

    His body now was tried and bent
    Yet held no regret for the time he’d spent
    In wind sweep meadows, below waterfalls
    Where deer friends would come to call

    The mountain lion, the grizzly bear
    That clear cool pond that the beaver shared
    With pride preserved on mountain side
    In harmony to there reside

    Oh but then he’d say a prayer
    His hunger tamed by a mountain hare
    Those pelts he sold to buy his beans
    Natures creed, taking just to fill his needs

    What progress now has caught up to him
    Those caring people all closing in
    Dim lights from the towns that lay below
    He and his mountain, where did it go

    For the roads they build and came in cars
    And hauled him off to the city far
    From his mountain in a forced retreat
    To end up homeless on the street

    But sometimes still, there comes a dream
    When the mountain wakes and the eagle screams
    And only him and nature speaks
    Though the poets pen, from the highest peaks

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    True story there, yo. Excellent poem. Definitely.


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      You've earned your stripes with this one divot.


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        Wow. That is definitely one of my favorites of your poetry.
        The ending is so sad and yet so hopeful.
        In fact... can I share it? I would credit you, of course.


        • divot
          divot commented
          Editing a comment
          Sure you can, I love sharing poetry.

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        How sad and tasteful. Amazing, Divot. You've highlighted this one.