How many of you have experienced the fire
Of romance and passion, one's true desire?
And how many of you did not align
To the romance and passion you repeatedly declined?
You tried to share with a friend so dear
Or the one you loved, but couldn't out of fear.
So you took your feelings and locked them away
In a prison where many were forced to stay.
Now you go through life lacking the feeling
Of deep emotions that your heart's concealing.
Suddenly your heart cannot express
Since its feelings of love are now suppressed.
So time to wake up and open your heart
And begin to experience cupid's dart.
Find that friend you truly care for
Or find your partner and open your heart's door.
Then take the chance to provide and show
The romance and passion you buried long ago.
Soon you'll sense that your new heart
Will begin to rise as it restarts.
Finally you'll appreciate your love is alive
Since romance and passion have now been revived.
So I wish for you to seek true love
Plus the romance and passion you deprived yourself of.