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  • Sandy Hook School

    Dedicated to parents, children, and teachers from Sandy Hook School.

    To Sandy Hook School, families, and community too
    I extend my sympathies to all of you.
    I am so sorry for your New England town
    Where your entire world was turned upside down.
    The terror you faced I can't comprehend
    As you tried to protect Sandy Hook to the end.
    Teachers and staff, true heroes you are
    The valor you displayed made you God's shining stars.
    Your job at school was to teach and assist
    And to keep students safe was on top of your list.
    Plus boys and girls I have no doubt
    The courage you showed made your angels quite proud.
    You went to school with one thing in mind
    To learn from teachers during Friday's school time.
    Then moms and dads you sent children to school
    Since educating young minds was your parent ground rule.
    I can't imagine the grief that you feel
    But you will get stronger as you continue to heal.
    I'll pray for you through your ongoing strife
    Until you find peace again in your life.
    And I hope you know when in time of need
    The world is behind you to help you succeed.
    So I hope this poem will assist in some way
    To reduce the sorrow you feel every day.

    December 14th, 2012 is when this terrible tragedy occurred. Parents, children, and teachers from Newtown, Ct. will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I cannot image what it was like for the teachers, students or parents.