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    We get looked down upon ourselves and they wonder why we get angry.
    Some are gay they think that it's a phase and they're going through a maze where they can't find themselves because of their youth.
    They brainwash others to think it's wrong because following the bible will take you down a road that's pretty long
    But all we can do is just take the ignorance in because they don't see that they themselves have sinned as mush as the others because they see themselves as flawless but in reality we all make the smallest mistakes where people are different and most have the same experiences as others have.
    We live in a world where we get judged for the pigments of our skins or even the smallest sins where we teach the next generation to fill out applications for unwanted jobs that makes them want to fall under intoxication.
    And the looks that are thrown at us by society today are not happy ones because those seem to fade away and we see the truth in their eyes when they give a smirk and try to lie.
    We all know that we make mistakes and not only does it take from our self-esteem but it shows us new beginnings and it also makes new lakes of enemies and fears.
    But no matter what we do or say
    We will always get judged by society today.

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    Interesting for sure