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  • Taken away

    Out of all the gifts God gives me every single day

    I think I'm just as grateful for what he's taken away...

    He took my dad out of my life when I was just one

    When he made my mom his ex-wife I guess I became his ex-son

    I could never understand how a man could be so cold

    and I hoped he died lonely, and I hoped he died old

    but now that I'm older and have kids of my own

    I thank my dad for showing me not to leave mine all alone

    My dad taught me two lessons without even knowing he did

    Every kid should have a dad, and every dad should have their kid

    I can remember the day like it was yesterday

    The first time God took my freedom away

    It might have been my first, but it wouldn't be my last

    and I'm not sure why I grew up so fast

    and I'm not blaming God, 'cause every crime I did was me

    but I know it wasn't the me that I was meant to be

    It took a long time before I would finally understand

    that I would always slip and fall when I let go of God's hand

    Another lesson learned on the wrong side of the track

    A day locked away is a day you never get back

    Last but not least, and this is trippy to say

    I thank you, God, for taking my mama away

    For having mercy on her in her hours of sorrow

    For ending her days with a majestic tomorrow

    For lifting her up when she had fallen down

    and for taking her life to spare the life of a clown

    If she were still here, I know I wouldn't be

    I wouldn't be alive, I wouldn't be free

    I truly understand what at first I didn't see

    You didn't take her from me, you took her for me

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    Your poem reminded me of a poem that I wrote about my dad and thought I would share it with you:
    I leave without saying good-bye
    Just like my daddy did to me
    I guess that is where I got it from
    He showed me how to love and just leave
    I thought he was my hero
    But he was a villian in disguise
    He was the first man to break my heart
    He would have seen that if he looked into my eyes
    But my daddy never looked back
    He just left without saying good-bye
    I forget him now
    And what he meant to me
    But somehow I have never forgotten
    How to love and just leave
    My daddy taught me well
    I have mastered his greatest trick
    Now you see me! Now you don't!
    I can come and go that quick
    When you think that a man loves you
    Know it is just an allure
    Like my daddy put on for me
    And tainted a heart that was pure
    I do not trust a single man
    As sweet as I may seem
    So before you get the chance
    I will not say good-bye, I'll just leave


    • brittlilbit
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      Reading this breaks my heart all over again. I can relate. (sadly) Great poem!

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    Yeah, it's a bummer for sure. But hey, they're the ones who miss out on all of the awesomeness that is us, right? Not only that, but they inspire good writing from deep within dark feelings. No doubt. That is an excellent poem you wrote. If you haven't yet, you should enter it into the contest. I have one strictly about my dad I'm gonna post, but my twelve-year old Dell is not cooperating right now, and trying to write a rhyme using my phone...fugghedabout it. I did want to get on and reply to your reply, though, if that makes any sense. Reply to your reply? Hmmm. I'll have to check on that one. Regardless, great poem, again. Peace


    • AShumaker13
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      Thanks for the reply. Yes, I guess they are the ones who missed out. I also agree that sometimes certain circumstances really do inspire some of my writings. I hope you post more. I really enjoy reading your poems. I understand about the computer situation! I hope you get it worked out :-)